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Our Process:

It is our goal to be upfront and to have clear communication with all of our customers. Your needs and goals are very important to us. We offer you the best experience and service that we can. With that in mind, we would like to review expectations and our process for the commencement of your project.


Our estimating process:

We initially evaluate project needs via submitted photos of the areas of you home that you wish to be painted. Please provide photos and any detailed information along with your vision and goals for your home.

•Send the photos and information to or text them to 252-525-5305.

•Once we receive your photos and other detailed information, we will review them and contact you within 24 hours. We will go over all your goals, needs, and any questions you/we may have and cost options concerning your project. Over the phone consultations typically take 10-30 minutes, depending on the size of the project.

• Once you are comfortable with our company and wish to move forward, the next step is an in-home consultation. Any decision makers or responsible parties should be present during this consultation. You should expect the in-home consultation to take around 45-60 minutes, depending on the size of your project. The consultation will consist of taking measurements, going over the scope of work and options, and finalizing details and cost.

•Upon approval of the final scope of work and budget, a deposit and a signed contract will be needed to schedule your project. We require a 50% deposit and the remaining balance paid in weekly payments or upon completion, depending on the size of your project. We typically schedule projects 2-6 weeks or more in advance to allow for scheduling changes due to weather, change orders, or unexpected circumstances.



Prior to start of your project:

•Two to five days prior to the start of your project, we will schedule a prestart walkthrough. The walk through will typically take 20-30 minutes, depending on the size of your project. Your sales rep along with a project manager will walk through and make sure that the scope of work and the needs of your home and projects are completely understood. This gives you the opportunity to meet the people involved in working on your home. If possible, at least one of the responsible parties/Homeowners should be available for the walk through to answer any questions

•Complete and sign any Color Confirmation Form and/or any Materials To Be Used Forms three days prior to the start of your project.

•Expect a call the Friday prior to your projected start date. At this time, a specific start date and time can be set for your project.

•Expect a call or message the day prior to the start date confirming the job start time and who will be meeting you from the Ski Home Improvements team. Job start times are typically between 8:00am and 9:00am.

•Please move all valuables, “knick-knacks”, and any other small breakable items away from the areas being worked on.


During the project:

•Please confine all pets to a separate living or outside area. We know your pets are important and would like them to be in a safe place while our work is being conducted.

•Designate a utility sink/ water source for our crew member to use.

•Designate a powder room or bathroom to be used by our crew members, if allowed by you.

•Designate a usable power source for exterior use.

•Please allow adequate parking to an area relatively close to your project.

•Our goal is to keep your home as clean as we can during your project. We will cover and clean up what we can on a daily basis. Please remember, it is a work site and it may not be 100% clean.

•On projects lasting longer than a day, we typically ask that we have a dedicated, safe area to leave some of our equipment.


The last day of the project:

•You will be notified the day before that the job should be finished the following day and to set up a time to do a final walkthrough. The final walk through is expected the day of completion. At least one of the responsible parties/Homeowners should be available for the final walk through.

•We will go over the final walkthrough together, making sure you are satisfied with all of the individual projects and the project overall.

•Once the walkthrough is complete and paperwork signed, the final payment will be due.

•You will be given a customer survey, a list of paint colors and products used and any other finish materials used on your project, a list of any maintenance and upkeep instructions you will need to maintain your project, and any instructions to comply with any warranty.

•At this point your project should be cleaned and complete.


After the project:

•Enjoy your home.

•If you have any questions, concerns, or wish to have us on any other projects please contact Ski Home Improvements.

•Feel free to refer Ski Home Improvements to your neighbors, family, or friends.

•Maintain and upkeep your project to enjoy it for many years to come. If you need any help with the maintenance or upkeep, feel free to give us a call

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